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Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, J. Brooke Chao Photography features affordable, limited edition fine art photographs with a wide range of subjects and styles including landscape, still life, abstract, architecture, botanical and wild life.

We also carry a line of gift items, based on our photos, available through our CafePress.com storefront.

NOTE: If you are looking for a photography for weddings, family portraits, senior portraits or other event photography, I'm not your gal, but I can highly recommend the following local photographers:

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A Virginia native, Brooke Chao studied Music at James Madison University, where she graduated with a degree in Voice in 1996. Since, graduating, she has remained in the Shenandoah Valley, where she lives with her husband, son and daughter, and where she receives the inspiration for the majority of her photographs.

Brooke's interest in photography began as a child when her Uncle gave her an old Praktica Nova IB. She's loved photography ever since. While her passion remains the same, she currently uses a Canon 20D digital SLR to capture her photographs.

In addition to photography, Brooke also enjoys painting, with her primary medium being watercolor.

Click here to view Brooke's resume.

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I believe that beauty is all around us, whether it be the gossamer wings of a butterfly, the delicate petals of a flower, the sweet laughter and smile of a child, or in the graceful lines and patterns of architecture. I believe our Creator has given us the divine gift of beauty, both through nature, and through our ability to create beauty, as a way to share Himself with us.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy, and too common, to get busy and wrapped up in the little details of our daily lives, causing us to miss what is right before us, and the moments of beauty that are there for a moment, and then gone. My photographs are my attempt to capture and document that beauty, to be enjoyed and shared with others.

--J. Brooke Chao

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News & Updates

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Running Exhibits & Places that Display my Work

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Past Shows & Exhibits

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Art & Artists


  • The Art Group is a non-profit cooperative of Shenandoah Valley Artists whose goal is to promote the art and artists of the Shenandoah Valley in a fun and relaxed community atmosphere. Art works of resident and visiting artists are displayed for viewing and sale throughout the building.

    The Art Group building has display windows fronting on Route 11, the main street of Mt. Jackson and the main thoroughfare of the Shenandoah Valley.

  • Co-Art Gallery - The Shenandoah Valley's largest cooperative gallery. The Co-Art Gallery is located on W. Beverly Street in downtown Staunton, VA.

  • Staunton Augusta Art Center - The Staunton Augusta Art Center, Inc. is a non-profit community art organization providing children, adults and visitors in our area rich experiences in arts-making, arts appreciation, and art history. The Art Center provides artists and artisans a venue to teach, exhibit, and sell their work. The Staunton Augusta Art Center brings diverse visual arts to our community and our diverse community to Art.

Artist Resources

I am proud to have my work listed and/or displayed on the following online art and photography resource sites:

  • Photo.net - "A group of more than 100,000 photographers working to help each other become better."

  • BetterPhoto.com - "Your online photography guide"

  • d'ART - The Internet Art Database

  • FineArtAmerica.com - "FineArtAmerica.com is an interactive website designed specifically for the fine art industry. Our goal is to bring together artists, galleries, and fine-art collectors by providing powerful online tools to all three groups. If you are an artist or an art gallery, it can be a difficult task to build local awareness of your artwork and your business. If you are an art collector, it can be just as difficult to verify that you are purchasing a valuable piece of art work... from a reputable gallery... at a reasonable price. FineArtAmerica.com brings these groups together with powerful tools for both!"

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